Buyer Checklist

Your Offer was ACCEPTED… now what?!

  • Get earnest money to the Title company agreed upon within timeframe accepted on contract (take earnest money to title company- NOTE: Title company with cash/hold earnest money it will be credited at closing.
  • Identify what inspections you want to have performed (whole house, termite, radon, sewer..) and arrange to be present if possible ( be prepared to pay for the inspections on the day they occur.)

  • Contact a lender with the address of the property and provide/complete all financing documentation to approve your loan (W2’s, paystubs, bank statements..)

  • Once all inspections are negotiated and agreed upon, your lender will order an Appraisal of the property (talk with your lender to determine if you pay upfront or if your pay is rolled into loan.)

  • Set up home owners insurance with your insurance agent (Shop around)

  • Let Me know your desired times for closing (all persons on title paperwork must be present closing or POA)

  • Save boxes...pack, pack, pack..schedule moving trucks and movers.

  • Arrange to have mail forwarded to the new address.

  • Set up Utilities for your new home (water, electric, gas, trash..) and Disconnect utilities at old


  • Final walk-thru scheduled (typically the day before or the day of closing)

  • Verify final amounts needed for closing from your lender and get a certified check from your bank for closing costs.
  • CLOSING DAY is here…please bring your Certified check for closing cost, Personal Identification (bring documentation to support any name change), the Authorization to Release form completed ( I will with this), and a SMILE!
  • I will arrange for you to get keys, garage door openers, security codes and any necessary documentation from the seller at closing
  • Change Locks and codes at your new home, and verify the change of address with the Post Office, Dept. of motor vehicles, internet provider, and credit card companies.

————————————DURING closing period DO NOT————————————

Change jobs (lenders want to see job security)

Allow payments to be late (Lenders hate late payments)

Apply for any type of credit (It will show up on your credit report)

Take out a loan for anything (cars, furniture, will change your debt ratio)

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